A Good Conveyancer takes care of the legal documents
A Great Conveyancer takes care of their clients too.

Tuckfield Conveyancing South Australia

At Tuckfield Conveyancing

you’ll find up-to-date professional knowledge, years of experience and unparalleled service.

The Tuckfield Conveyancing team are trained to handle all aspects of each property settlement and Form 1 Services in a timely and efficient way.

We make it a priority to ensure that as the client you are regularly contacted and kept informed of the progress of your property transaction.

Tuckfields pledge to make a donation from every property settlement to Kickstart for Kids.

Why Tuckfield Conveyancing...?

Team Tuckfields Adelaide 2019

• Plain English… no legal jargon

You might not do this every day – but we do. It’s our job to stay updated with the latest changes in our industry and legislation. Making your experience simple and stress-free is all part of the service.

• Complete transparency

No-one likes bill-shock. That’s why we choose to be transparent with our fees: we will give you all associated costs upfront. Not all conveyancers take this approach. Talk to us today

• We GUARANTEE not to hold up your settlement

Settlement delays can disrupt your plans and cost you money. There are many parties involved – from lenders to real estate agents to utilities and government bodies. We are proactive in how we coordinate your settlement and are trained to anticipate obstacles. We GUARANTEE that Tuckfields will never be the reason your settlement is delayed.

• Trusted by Real Estate Agents

Put simply, Form 1 errors can risk the sale. That’s why we provide the most comprehensive Form 1 service in Adelaide for Real Estate Agents, providing complete peace of mind for everyone involved.

• More than just a transaction

If this is the first time you’ve needed a conveyancer, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of questions and may not be clear about the process – check out our article “Conveyancers, why do you need one?”

Your questions are just as important to us as they are to you. From your first encounter with the Tuckfields team, we will strive to make you feel at ease. We are proud of how we service our clients and we’re humbled that they choose us again and again.

Experience the difference that is Tuckfield Conveyancing

Experience the difference that is Tuckfield Conveyancing

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