Tammy-Edwards Tuckfield Conveyancing's CEO

Meet Tammy Edwards - Tuckfield Conveyancing's CEO

A Conveyancer takes care of the legal documents
accompanying a property transaction.
A great Conveyancer takes care of their clients too.

Tuckfield Conveyancing South Australia

At Tuckfield Conveyancing

you’ll find up-to-date professional knowledge, years of experience and unparalleled service.

We take the time to clearly explain the meaning and importance of each document before you sign. We don’t use complicated terms and we don’t rush.

The Tuckfield Conveyancing team are trained to handle all aspects of each property settlement and Form 1 Services in a timely and efficient way.

CEO Tammy Edwards, together with her team, make it a priority to ensure that as the client you are regularly contacted and kept informed of the progress of your property transaction.

Tuckfield Conveyancing is strongly built on referrals and continues to grow. This in itself gives assurance to our valued clients that they will receive the best possible service.

Tuckfields pledge to make a donation from every property settlement to Kickstart for Kids.

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