Meet Tammy Edwards

Meet Tammy Edwards - Consultant

Tuckfields is more than just a business for me.
It is a place where I have spent many years growing and learning about myself;
developing my leadership and managerial skills and building a team who are like family to me.

Tammy Edwards & Tuckfield Conveyancing

As my businesses grew, I became more and more determined to ensure my small business approach continued. That’s why every person who comes into contact with Tuckfields is valued and receives exceptional service.

The Begining

When Allan Tuckfield accepted my offer to purchase his conveyancing business, I jumped up and down in the carpark with delight and excitement. It was time for this 30 year old to start her journey into business.

I began reading whatever I could get my hands on to learn about improving the processes and systems of a business. I read books about leaders I aspired to be and spent hours upon hours creating my vision. I had a fire in my belly and there was no stopping me.

Family Life

I met my husband, Wez, the day before the settlement of Tuckfields. He has been as much a part of this business as I have, providing the background support I needed to focus entirely on running Tuckfields. A year after we met, Wez and I eloped in Vanuatu and shortly after, we became parents. It was impossible for me to focus on my two businesses on top of taking care of my daughter so Wez stepped in as Aiva’s primary carer and has continued in that role ever since. I affectionately call him the ‘support pole to our circus tent’.

I am a country girl. Our family travelled a lot while I was young, which saw me attend several schools. Primarily though, I was raised in the small town of Owen and went to Balaklava Primary and High School. I believe that being a country girl has contributed to my success. I am very approachable and have no difficulty in meeting new people and creating strong relationships. I am a people-person and a classic extrovert – I get the energy I need to get me through the day from people.

Tuckfields was always going to succeed as a business. I truly believed that, even early on. I wanted to put enough systems in place and provide a stable foundation so the business would never be dependent on me. I proved I had achieved this when I was able to step out of the role of CEO and hand over the reins to Samantha Phillips in September 2019. Now I’m thoroughly enjoying working reduced hours in a Consulting role, and I am finally giving my daughter the time she missed out on with her mummy all those years ago.

Having you read this page is such a gift to me and I thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. Whether you have used Tuckfields before; been with me on the Tuckfields journey from the beginning; or are just discovering Tuckfields now – you are with a conveyancing company which is unique, delivers exceptional service and will treat you as if you are their only client. It’s a pretty special place and I look forward to you being a part of it.

Tammy Edwards

Telstra Business Women's Award 2015 Finalist

telstra business womens_award - Tammy Edwards 2015 Finalist