Whether you are buying or selling, we take care of your settlement process

Residential Conveyancing – You’ve just found that perfect house and/or you’re looking to sell your existing home.
Whatever the situation you will need a Conveyancer to take care of your settlement. Great… but what does a Conveyancer do?

So you’ve signed on the dotted line and think that is all there is to it? This is only the beginning! Your Agent will pass on signed documentation to us so we can check them for accuracy and advise you of anything out of the ordinary. We also make sure nothing has been missed.

Then the games really begin! The legal transfer is prepared, your legal identity is verified by us and discussions commence between Conveyancers and finance institutions to sort out the exchange of documents and funds!

When the settlement date arrives, we will meet with your Bank to exchange funds and documentation and lodge the transfer documentation at the Lands Titles Office.

And then we save the best until last – we will deliver the good news to you that your settlement is complete! This is also the most enjoyable part of our role!

We own the settlement process! We’re the ones who ensure your settlement runs smoothly. What’s more …. we get a kick out of it.

This is a simplified version of what a Conveyancer does but at the end of the day we are here to look after your interests; there are hurdles along the way but we love a challenge and we love what we do. Choosing your Conveyancer is your decision, so if you are buying or selling, need to meet your obligations for a private sale or you would like your Conveyancer to look over your Contract before your cooling-off expires give our unique team at Tuckfields a call.

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Tips and tricks:

  • your Conveyancer is your choice; not your Agent’s
  • feel free to contact us before you sign the Contract so we can check it over for you
  • quotes are free and come with no obligation!

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