Whether you are creating two titles from one,
or are planning a large, multi-staged development, Tuckfields can help

Your property has become too big to handle and you want or need to downsize, or you are considering broadening your horizons and would like to start an investment portfolio with the land you already have.

It doesn’t matter if you are splitting one title into two or looking at a larger-scale division, your Conveyancer will ensure all your obligations are met.

Conveyancers work closely with your Surveyor and financier to safeguard your obligations throughout the division process including the creation of easements and lodgement of documentation in the Lands Titles Office to enable the creation of new Titles.

Tuckfield Conveyancing can see you through the entire process!

Did you know…

  • there are several types of land division – Torrens, Community, Community Strata and Strata
  • you can also amalgamate your existing titles
  • Tuckfields can either project manage the entire division process or simply prepare the required legal documentation

Don’t put it off any longer, call the team at Tuckfield Conveyancing and let us kick start your dream!

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