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Form 1 Services - Tuckfield Agent Solutions Team
Form 1 Services - Tuckfield Agent Solutions Team

Form 1 Services Adelaide – Tuckfield Agent Solutions

Join an elite group of agents who outsource their Form 1 preparation to the Adelaide specialists!

Are you…

  • Tired of Conveyancers requesting you re-serve a Form 1 due to a technical error?
  • Struggling to explain to your Vendors why cooling-off periods are getting extended or contracts are being withdrawn due to defective Form 1s?
  • Does the thought of preparing a Form 1 make you shudder?

A very simple solution: Think “Form 1 Services Adelaide – Tuckfield Agent Solutions”

We Guarantee no Form 1 will be released from our office until it has been verified by one of our conveyancers.
Our process is efficient and simple and we deliver the most comprehensive Form 1 service in Adelaide!

Seize the day and outsource your Form 1 preparation to Tuckfield Agent Solutions and achieve the following:
• Peace of Mind • Increased Productivity • Reduced Overheads • Reduced Risk

Ready to get started?
Click "order your Form 1" and we’ll take it from there!

Form 1 Services Adelaide -Tuckfield Agent Solutions Terms & Conditions – click here

Form 1 Tips for Agents:

• It is an offense not to provide a Form 1 disclosure statement to a purchaser at least ten (10) days prior to settlement
• It is best practice to answer the question relating to the Emergency Services Levy regardless of whether it has been paid or not
• Statutory Easements should also be included in your Form 1 regardless of whether they are displayed on the Title

Tuckfield’s Tip – Did you know what a Form 1 is..?

A Form 1 is the basis of the formal statement by the vendor about certain details relating to the property being conveyed.
It is required under section 7 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

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Form 1 Services Adelaide
Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Our terms & conditions may vary from time to time. Variations will be notified via electronic notice on the website and will be binding on you when you use this service.

Payment for Service
Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, electronic funds transfer, or cheque.  An invoice will be sent to you for payment and the service will be actioned once payment has been received (if paying by cheque please allow 3-7 days for clearance). Where Visa or MasterCard details have been provided on your signed Request Form, your payment will be processed via eWay within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt, unless instructed otherwise.

Where possible, a courtesy call will be made before processing your payment. If we are unable to contact you, your signed authority will be deemed approval to proceed. A receipt will be issued via email where a valid email address is provided.

Form 1 Services Adelaide – Tuckfield Agent Solutions Refund Policy
Once searches have been ordered from third parties, a refund will not be possible.  Please ensure you have the correct details on your Request Form. If you cancel the Form 1 preparation before we have commenced, we will waive our preparation fee, less a $66 admin fee (inc. GST). A refund will be arranged within seven (7) days of cancellation. Any refunds will be at the discretion of management.

The Form 1 will be completed within 1 clear business day of receiving all searches and will be delivered to you/your nominated agent via email with a link to a Dropbox file. This will download in PDF format with all Annexures attached for you/your nominated agent to print and serve.  We will not be held responsible for any reasonable delay in delivery outside of our control. You/Your nominated agent is responsible for obtaining the relevant signatures under Part C of the Form 1.

Whilst we endeavour to keep electronic copies of documentation for three (3) months, we do not guarantee storage beyond this time-frame. It is your responsibility to keep copies, once the Form 1 has been delivered to you.

Responsibility, Liability & Warranty
We bear no liability or responsibility for any changes you make to the Form 1 documentation once delivered to you.

A copy of all searches and a completed, signed Vendor Questionnaire are mandatory prior to the Form 1 being prepared. Any additional information affecting the property must be disclosed in the Vendor Questionnaire at the time of application.

We take no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions to a Form 1 that has resulted due to a lack of information or incorrect completion of the Vendor Questionnaire.

Tuckfield Agent Solutions will not certify Part D of the Form 1 if an incomplete and/or unsigned Vendor Questionnaire has been presented, searches have been ordered by a 3rd party and our Authority to Act has not been completed by your Agent.

We give no warranty as to the timing of receipt of searches from the various government and/or Strata/Community departments.

Once we receive your instructions you acknowledge and agree that payment is made upfront.

We will not be held liable for any loss or damage caused to you whatsoever in relation to the Form 1 or its use.  Upon receipt of The Form 1 Preparation Request Form and Vendor Questionnaire by us, you indemnify us from any liability as a result of any claims or use of the Form 1 including any errors or omissions.

When we sign the Form 1 on your behalf, as an agent, it remains your responsibility to check the document for its accuracy and full disclosure, as required by law. The Form 1 is only valid at the time of issue and it is your duty to confirm with Tuckfield Agent Solutions as to whether any updates are required, prior to service.  This applies to you as Vendor and your agent.

Tuckfield Agent Solutions can update the searches, Form 1 and Annexures to ensure that the information is current at the time of service. The cost to update searches plus a $66 admin fee (inc. GST) will be payable by you (the vendor).

The Form 1 is provided for the sole use of the vendor and/or their agent as specified in The Form 1 Preparation Request Form and cannot be used by a third party.

The laws applicable to South Australia apply to all claims arising from the Form 1, which include the Commonwealth Government Privacy Act.

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Form 1 Services Adelaide – Tuckfield Agent Solutions T&C’s Updated 6th March 2018