Commercial Conveyancing can often be complex and requires the right advice

Commercial Conveyancing – There are many things to consider when buying or selling a commercial property including (but not limited to):

  • GST
  • The transfer or assignment of existing leases
  • New leases to be entered into
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Personal Property Securities Register
  • Asbestos Registers
  • Water and Trade Licences
  • EPA Licences

Our commercial Conveyancers keep up to date with the rapidly changing legislation giving you peace of mind that your legislative requirements are being met by an experienced commercial specialist.

Tuckfield Conveyancing understands the complexity involved in a commercial acquisition and that’s why our team will proactively communicate with your Accountant for taxation advice. Tuckfield Conveyancing has strong relationships with industry professionals, including solicitors, to assist with reviewing Contract terms and other due diligence required.

As well as a number of multi-storey developments, Tuckfield Conveyancing has extensive experience in commercial conveyancing in Adelaide. Tuckfield Conveyancing represented Peregrine Corporation in the purchase of their multiple On the Run property locations and are proudly involved in the conveyancing for the acquisition of the Mobile and BP service stations in South Australia.

So, if you are purchasing a commercial property give Tuckfield Conveyancing a call!

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