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Foreign Ownership Surcharge for residential land

From 1 January 2018 foreign purchasers of residential land are required to pay a 7% surcharge in addition to stamp duty being paid at settlement. Who is classed as a foreign purchaser? A foreign person is someone who is NOT an Australian citizen or a holder of a permanent visa. New Zealand citizens who do NOT hold a special category visa are also deemed a foreign

PEXA discuss e-conveyancing benefits - Tuckfield Conveyancing

PEXA discuss e-conveyancing benefits

PEXA discuss e-conveyancing benefits Moving forward with e-conveyancing This week Tuckfields got to sit down with Matthew Kelly, a PEXA Direct Specialist from Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). We discussed the benefits of e-Conveyancing, some of the changes it brought about and the benefits of transacting online. We have discussed in the past, the

Tuckfield Conveyancing | save the trees: an environmental impact

Save the trees: an environmental impact

Save the trees: an environmental impact With Australia and the rest of the World debating environmental issues and pushing for them to be at the forefront of our minds, reducing our use of unnecessary resources is something we are striving for at Tuckfields. We want to minimize our carbon footprint and work towards a healthier…