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Title Watch Service | Tuckfield Conveyancing

Title Watch 

Title Watch In conjunction with the e-conveyancing environment, the Lands Titles Office has introduced Title Watch, a free service to assist us in reducing the risk of fraud in our industry. How does it work? As a subscriber to this system, Tuckfield Conveyancing monitors your Certificate of Title for any activity. If any activity is detected, the Lands Titles Office send an email…

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Outsourcing Form1s to Tuckfield Agent Solutions

Outsourcing Form1s

Outsourcing Form1s There is an ever-increasing number of Real Estate Agents taking the decision to outsource their Form 1 preparation. Agents find peace of mind in the knowledge their Form 1 is being prepared by specialists in the field and acknowledge the convenience and time saved by outsourcing. Peace of mind Another motivating factor for…

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