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When Allan Tuckfield first set up shop on Kensington Road in 1974, the only two electrical items in the office were a typewriter and a kettle! From humble beginnings, Allan ran Tuckfield Conveyancing successfully as a sole trader for 31 years.

In 2005 Allan agreed to sell the business to Tammy Edwards. Tammy successfully grew the Tuckfield brand over 15 years. In 2019 handed the reigns to CEO, Samantha Phillips and the next phase of the Tuckfields journey began.

These days Tuckfield Conveyancing and Tuckfield Agent Solutions together form one of South Australia’s largest and most progressive firms. We deal with residential and commercial conveyancing, land divisions, matrimonial transfers, deceased estate transfers, name changes and Form 1 service.

A Good Conveyancer takes care of the legal documents
A Great Conveyancer takes care of their clients too.

Conveyancing is a necessary process in both buying and selling property. The Tuckfields team is ready to help with your settlement and title transfer process by ensuring that you are meeting all legal obligations and that your rights are protected during this transaction.

The Tuckfields business has been built on referrals, a testament to how seriously the team takes its commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Our team will always take the time to clearly explain the meaning and importance of each document before it is signed and ensure that you are kept informed throughout the process.

The introduction of eConveyancing in 2016 merged seamlessly into our already streamlined processes and we continue to seek new ways to provide you with the most efficient service possible.

With branches in metropolitan AdelaideYorke Peninsula, and Southern Adelaide. Tuckfields is ready to assist with all your conveyancing, electronic settlements (eConveyancing) and form 1 needs.

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